Life Without Limits

The Chariot

is an innovative bicycle trailer especially designed for able bodied people who want to take someone who is confined to a wheelchair along for the ride. The Chariot is a fun and safe way for those that are physically limited to enjoy going out for a bike ride with friends and family.

Martin Hill began the development in 2012 with his first version, Megan's Chariot. Along with the input of Megan’s family, Teachers and industry professionals Martin designed and developed The Chariot for Megan to go cycling together with her father. Follow the story below.

Version 1.0 - Megan's Chariot

Version 2.0 - Kayne's Chariot

Martin has refined his practice and approach to design over the years. He is now developing the second version of The Chariot For the Pickering Family. Their son Kayne has a form of mitochondrial disease causing him to be physically limited since a very young age.


Aaron and Sarah Pickering an amazing couple that has the dream for their son Kayne to experience what cycling is like. Talking to them is truly inspiring. They really believe in living life to the fullest and want to give Kayne the opportunities that most parents in the same situation are too afraid to even consider

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